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Truffle & Truffles
Triq Dragunara, Saint Julians,
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Truffle & Truffles


Truffle&Truffles offers its guests the opportunity to taste not just the finest ingredients, but dishes which are sautéed in passion and garnished with pleasure. No dish served at Truffle& Truffles leaves the kitchen unloved. The team ensures that your entire experience – from the seating to after-dinner coffees – is a labour of love. Attention to detail and presentation are key, and a fusion of timeless professionalism and contemporary cuisine is what forms the Truffle&Truffles concept.
The ‘diamonds of the kitchen’ (Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin) and the chocolates inspired by them are the jewels in the Truffle&Truffles crown. The team draws inspiration from the tuber fungus for their dishes, both directly and indirectly. They constantly experiment with the luxurious ingredient, and allow their guests to fully appreciate the aroma, texture and flavour of the truffles they supply. The chefs orchestrate the creation of a selection of decadent chocolate truffles, whose richness equals that of their namesake.
The team also offers its guests the chance to indulge in the Truffle&Truffles concept for private events. Our ambience, inviting service and outstanding dishes are the perfect ingredients for that special occasion with friends, colleagues and family.

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Tuesday - Sunday: 18.00 - 23.00, Sunday 12.00 - 15.00
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