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Saffron Indian Restaurant
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Saffron Indian Restaurant


Saffron, popularly known as “Kesar” in India, is a unique spice resembling the orange -yellow sacred colour of beginning, truth, sacrifice, abstinence and salvation. From the dried stigmas of a crocus, “Saffron” forms an integral part of most Indian dishes. Its strong refreshing aromas along with aesthetic orange – yellow colours augments your senses, lifts your spirits and leaves you wanting for more.

We, at Saffron Indian Restaurant in St. Julians (Paceville) offer you just that! Sudip, Chef de Patron, with his experienced team of dedicated professionals, from across India, specialises in various authentic cuisine and more, welcome you on board for a truly spectacular experience of what the vast lands of mustard fields, turmeric and “Kesar” have to offer.

Sudip, a connoisseur of authentic food and delicacies, is an avid traveller and has immense expertise and knowledge in this business. His career spanning several decades, across various cultures of the world allowed him to draw inspiration from the best of food and people across the globe for his dream venture Saffron Indian Restaurant. His love for Malta led him to settle here for over a decay, and start Saffron at what he calls his baby...

May we have the privilege to make your taste buds float in a bubble of ecstasy … because it’s not about the food here; it’s about making beautiful memories.

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