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Manouche Craft Bakery & Bistro
Spinola Park, Triq Mikiel Ang Borg
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Manouche Craft Bakery & Bistro


Manouche is an everyday craft bakery and bistro which celebrates the finesse of classical French cooking, while retaining a flair and passion for local ingredients and culinary traditions. Inspired by the eclectic ‘Manouche’ style of jazz from which our bakery takes its name, and based on the bouchons and esteemed cafes of Lyon to the bistros of Paris, Manouche is an homage to rustic, traditional old-world bakeries and bistros. Those with an authentic love of food will find music in every dish we serve.
The Bakery
Manouche Craft Bakery makes exclusive use of organic grains sourced from Doves Farm Mill in the UK. We use nothing but natural products, and insist on purchasing ethically. The colours, ingredients and menu items in our kitchen change with the seasons, as we seek to strike perfect and dynamic chords with our patisserie, viennosiere, chocolate and savoury creations.
The creative process is where our team flourishes. We embrace the whimsical nature of our ever-changing display, and offer our guests both variety and playfulness in flavour and design. Follow our blog and baking schedule to stay ahead of our evolving menu.
Everything at Manouche is handcrafted on site - with an uncompromising dedication to the highest-quality ingredients and mastery of French & European techniques. Our baking philosophy underpins everything we do, from the natural slow fermentation process of our sourdough, to small-batch cooking ensuring that our food is always oven fresh, to our commitment to training the next generation of passionate chefs and bakers and catalysing a move towards an elevated standard of local cuisine.
The Bistro
Our market-driven French bistro menu is inspired by the food we love from Provence to Normandy and neighbouring mediterranean coasts - including remastered classic dishes, as well as some of our own signature creations. Here you will find a variety of seasonal dishes served for breakfast, lunch and dinner, carefully paired with a beautiful selection of French wines. Our focus is on cooking simple, authentic, everyday meals, while pursuing excellence in the form of attention to detail and the integrity of our process.
Our bistro operates in harmony with our bakery, using its one-of-a-kind bread and pastries in its dishes, while also providing terrines, pates, braises and confits which are used in the bakery’s savoury dishes as well. When it comes to our bakery and bistro, each thrives and excels because of the other, and the two work hand-in-hand to produce and serve authentic French cuisine, developed to a level of quality that the local market has yet to fully experience.

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Monday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Tuesday to Saturday 8:00 AM - 10:00 PM, Sunday 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM
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