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Ali baba
No. 9, Ponsomby Street, Gzira, Malta
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Ali baba


For over 25 years, Ali Baba has made and served genuine Lebanese food. From a simple family run restaurant to what it is today, we have evolved while staying true to our roots.

Rooted in Lebanese Culture

It was my father, Abdul Rahman Harb, who opened the restaurant in 1987. I joined a year later; back when customers queued up every Friday for a taste of our traditional couscous. Ali Baba has since become a household name for authentic Lebanese cuisine in Malta. We take pride in serving typical Lebanese dishes as well as a number of North African specialities.

Our philosophy is simple. We believe in using only the best quality ingredients, choosing fresh local or imported Lebanese produce to achieve the most authentic Lebanese taste.

Made with Love

At Ali Baba, we believe in freshness and authenticity. This is why we choose to make everything ourselves and prepare different types of Lebanese bread to serve at the restaurant. This is usually left in the capable hands of my mother; it was her who taught me how to cook simple food with passion and love. I make sure this translates into every dish we serve.

We pride ourselves in preparing hearty meals full of distinct flavours. With a blend of herbs and spices drawn from all over the world, our mezze menu offers a variety of dishes. Whether hot, cold, simple or complex, our food is made to be savoured. All items on our menu can be accompanied by a nice bottle of Arak; a traditional Lebanese alcoholic drink made of grapes and aniseed. This is distilled three times and aged in terracotta jars for at least three years in order to ensure maximum flavour.

At Ali Baba, we have kept faithful to the Lebanese culture of eating together. We strive to offer a unique dining experience by putting together a selection of mezze to share. We will even suggest the best ways for you to experience our food. Discover an array of different dishes and experience the best Lebanese food on the island.

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